Light blue jersey shirt

Light blue jersey shirt


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Light blue cotton jersey shirt. Shirt with French collar shaped to give maximum prominence to the tie with shore stitching and removable splints. Jersey is a fabric made not by the classical weaving of threads on a loom, but by knitting, that is, by the interweaving of a thread, obtained with needles, crochets or knitting machines, in which the yarn forms loops or bushings, lined up side by side to form a stripe, is particularly soft and follows the shapes of the body. It is a material suitable for every season. Our shirt is handmade in Italy with original fabrics from the best Italian cotton mills. It can be machine washed at 30 degrees.

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Weight 0350 kg
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37- 141/2, 38- 15, 39- 151/2, 40- 153/4, 41- 16, 42- 161/2, 43- 17, 44- 171/2, 45- 18, 46- 181/2