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In the heart of historical centre of renaissance Florence tucked away in a characteristic street called “ Via del Corso” at number 51r Piero Puliti has his shop. The street runs between the “Piazza Duomo” square and the “Palazzo Vecchio” town hall.
The interior decoration of the shop is in cherry wood, and the work was carried out by a highly skilled artisan, and some of its characteristic bring to mind the english influence which strongly affected the most important shops at the beginning of the twentieth century. At that time, these assiduous anglo-saxon visitors to Florence greatly influenced the style of dressing for men. And even today a lingering atmosphere of the past century can still be perceived on certain streets in parts of the city. Piero Puliti’s concept of his shop upon entering, gives the impression of being in a private home, even an ancient fire place has been adapted to display shirts, neck-tie and cufflink. The walls of the shop have been fitted with pull out drawers, designed to provide a perfect view of every single shirt on display.

Pictures, prints and furnishing have been chosen with the utmost care, so that whoever should enter feels enveloped in warm homely surroundings, an atmosphere created by host owner Piero Puliti.




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